Keep your phone clean and speed with Hola Launcher!

Hola launcher is now ready to surprise you all with its amazing features! This is an amazing light-weighted application offered to you by Holaverse. It was released on 17th November 2014. No surprise that you are eagerly waiting to know what is it all about?


An overview of Hola Launcher

Have you ever thought about a simple but multi-tasking app to keep your phone stylish and stunning? Thus; it is time to welcome this latest application to your device which surpasses all the other applications and support your mobile phone to work in its best form. This app consists of a battery saver, battery idolizer, charging protector and an application manager to assure that your mobile device provides you the best service than you suppose it has ever provide. You can obtain many brand-new wallpapers and themes from this app to make your mobile phone looks smarter.


Currently; this app has become so much popular among the Android users and it is evident from the 100 million official downloads it has obtained. This application has occupied 4.5 stars from the ratings of the Google Play Store. Other than that; this is a regularly updating app and it has been updated recently on 3rd of May 2018. Though it needs a very less storage capacity on your Android device; you can never underestimate its unique features unparalleled to any other application. Thus; it is high time to upgrade your Android device with this immensely incredible application and enjoy ultimate services.


Reveal a few unique features of Hola Launcher application!

There some remarkable features which you must know about this application. One of the key features that we can notice in this application is the power booster. You just can adjust game boost and app boost from the home screen so that you can refresh your internal memory and energize your mobile device in order to work with a super speed. This app has a power manager to find out battery draining problems and to set them quickly by allowing your phone to operate without a problem. Most of the time; we have to face so many problems related to the battery saving of our device. Sometimes we lose the battery power when we need it most. Now; you do not have to worry about these problems because this application is ready to optimize your battery and to save energy for your future usage.

Furthermore; it can monitor the charging process in order to ensure that your device is charging to provide you the best experience ever. Since; this software is a multi-tasking app it provides you the opportunity to find out different applications from the “App Manager” and at the same time it helps you to uninstall apps which you do not want to use while backing up the apps that you want to use further. If; you are very concern about your privacy you have made the right choice by selecting Hola Launcher app to your device. You can lock apps as well as Contacts, Messages, Gallery as you wish and be a guardian to your own device using “APP LOCK” option. Moreover; you can use “HIDE APPS” option to protect the privacy of your apps. Finally; you can find out the distinct feature that you were waiting to see and that is “OMNI SWIPE” option which enables you to log on to apps without going back to home screen. You can select and update wallpapers; fonts and any theme out of thousands of themes found in the gallery and make your device looks elegant. Enjoy all these extensive features to boost up your Android device with the aid of this great software.

Hola Launcher is ready to welcome your Android device

This amazing application is now ready to welcome any of your Android device, you just need 7.30MB from your device storage. Currently; you can grab 3.2.5 version of this app. Before that; there were many old versions of this app and some of them are as follows:

  • 1.0 with 6.55MB
  • 0.9 with 5.77MB
  • 2.4 with 7.6MB

People all around the world love to give a striking interface to their devices. Thus; the users can enjoy themes which are offered by this app because it has been marked among the top rated features. Hola Launcher app download is available for Android and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Hola Launcher APK can be downloaded and open using your favorite file if the installation does not work you can enable Unknown Sources in your Android device. This app is available in the English language and you can download 29 maximum versions of this app. When considering this software; we cannot forget about Hola Launcher Premium APK. It is another version with some superb features which enables you to personalize your device with more security. If anyone questions you about an all in one app you can introduce this application without any doubt.


Developer Appreciation

All the credits should go to the developer ‘Holaverse’ who has developed this app with great dedication. This app is a regular updating app with many features which shows you the dedication of the developer to provide the best application to your hand! Most of the issues have been fixed in recently updated version and it is ready to start up a new journey with your Android device.


If you really want to keep your phone alive you just have to upgrade your device with this great software. You can grab the opportunity to experience one of the best phone boosters which will enable your device to operate in the best way. Though; it is a light-weighted app its potentials are brilliant because it can fulfill most of the problems that you came across in your device. The popularity of this app can be witnessed if you just refer the user reviews which have given in the Google Play Store. Hurry up! Just log on to Google Play Store and find out the smartest application you could ever find to speed up your device. Enjoy the best experience with Hola Launcher!